Saturday, April 21, 2007

Annotated Bibliography 1

Author of the article, Eric A. Taub from the New York Times company, explains to gamers all across the globe that gaming isn't all just about having fun, but people can make a living off gaming and quite possibly make quite a bit of money. Eric explains how Mr. Leto, who is known by many as the greatest Halo player in the world, was trying to qualify for a trip to the world finals in San Francisco in 2004 with a top prize of $20,000 by winning in the American Finals at Long Beach, California. Mr. Leto is not the only person who is successful in gaining money from gaming though. Mr. Wendel who specializes in PC games has earned more than $300,000 already from tournaments and Mr. Cungo has won $45,000 do far. There are many leagues for gamers to join like the Association of Gaming Professionals, the Cyberathlete Professional League, the QuakeCon Organization, and Major League Gaming. In Korea there are more than 1,000 kids making a living playing video games and 10 make more than $100,000 a year. This article can be compared to the article wii game console bowling over U.S. Retirees, because both of the articles show how people are gaining things from playing video games. Retired people at retirement homes are getting rejuvenated and are getting exercise while gamers from all over the world are becoming rich by just doing what they love to do, play video games. This article illuminates my bibliography topic because it is showing a positive side to video games and what good it can do for people. It shows how people are becoming successful in making money by just playing video games.

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