Monday, April 23, 2007

Annotated Bibliography 5

Matt Bean, the author from Men's Health, explains how surgeons, neuroscientists, and NASCAR racer use video games to boost their brains. Studies suggest that habitual players of the first person shooter game Gears of War have better visual skills and make decisions 85% faster. Daphne Bavelier suggests that you could read a newspaper, recognize a scene, or even pick facial features faster in a picture. An Iowa State study showed that when surgeons played the game Super Monkey Ball, which is when you have to roll a ball through a series of platforms, they made 37% fewer errors and were 27% faster. Another study from the University of Wisconsin suggests that playing Guitar Hero 2 can enhance your motor skills and timing and coordination. It also helps people rapidly process visual information because of the speed that the bars move at. This article can relate to the article about how action packed games can enhance your visual skills. Both of these articles are related in that they both talk about how game can improve peoples minds and visual skills. This article supports my topic because it talks about how games can boost your brain, which is a positive about video games.

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