Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Annotated Bibliography 10

Authors at the Michigan Chronicle believe that violent video games trigger violent and aggressive acts in teenagers. Reports show that violent video games may cause gamers to pull off violent acts. One example of this was Devin Thompson who would play a game called Grand Theft Auto for hours where a person kills people and cops and steals cars. He had killed two police officers and an emergency dispatcher in Alabama when he claimed life is a video game, you've got to die sometime. Many reported shootings and violence in schools may also have been caused partly by video games. One example of this is from a Middle school in Wellsboro, PA, where a youth played Metal Gear Solid for hours and then came to school one day with a red headband ( just like the main character ) and tried to takeover the school. Reports also say the new game Bully has startling similarities between it and the Columbine Rampage. This article can relate to the article that talks briefly about gears of war. Both talk about violence, but the Gears of War one talks about how it can improve your eyesight and this one talks about how it can cause agression and violence in people. This article supports my topic because it shows the negative side about games and gives arguments against people who say games can be good.

Annotated Bibliography 9

The authors at the Boston Globe suggests to video gamers, mostly MMORPG players, that can become very addicting. Maressa Orzack can relate to this addiction, but she thought that she was able to get away from it easier because her addiction was only to computer solitaire, while people now are addicted to MMORPGs. She now helps people to try and control there addictions, mainly to the game known as World of Warcraft or WoW. People would play around 5 to 10 hours a day when they had time or even when they didn't. Also, most people would lie and tell there friends they aren't sick or wouldn't even answer the phone when it rang because they got so into the game. Some people just started playing normally and then they entered a virtually reality world where there is no visible exit. This article can relate to the fellowship of the Online Gamers article because it talks about how people play MMORPGs, but this article mainly focuses on the adiction that can follow gameplay. This article supports my topic because it gives me the other side of video games, the negatives.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotated Bibliography 8

Authors at Doc News suggest that people who play active exercising games like DDR will lose a significant amount of weight after a couple of months. There are many stories out there that show real hand accounts of people who played DDR and had lost around 60 or so pounds. This article suggest that many people love this way of exercising because it is a video game and many people love to play video games. Also, DDR serves as a great source for obese kids to get their exercise. This article also explains how people are not just playing DDR at home, but they are now playing DDR at schools because it is such a great exercise tool. This article suggests that many schools will or already have jumped on the bandwagon of playing DDR. This article can relate to the other article that talks about exercising with DDR and the 4th graders. Both articles talk about how people exercise with video games, mostly DDR, and how DDR is starting to be used in school as an exercise source. This article supports my topic because it tells about how people have gained things by playing video games.

Annotated Bibliography 7

The authors at the Chicago Tribune suggest hat playing video games can improve a surgeons performance during surgery. Studies shown from one of the top experts on the effects of video games, Douglas Gentile, show that video games like Super Monkey ball can help surgeons complete there surgery 27% faster and make 37% less errors. Gentile believes that it would be a good idea, and wouldn't be surprised, if surgeons started training for surgery by use of video games. Gentile believes that they could create a game that has 100 different bodies where 50 of them have the most common complications and the other 50 have the most common errors. This article can be directly related to the article that talks about the three video games and how they can improve peoples actions. The reason that it can be related is because they show the same information from the game Super Monkey Ball. This work supports my topic because it shows how surgeons can benefit from video games, which is a positive of video games.

Annotated Bibliography 6

The authors at the Christian Science Monitor comment to people who play Massive multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG) that they may not be so bad. Many people out there have nothing to do simply because they live in a small town, so MMORPG's are a great way to kill time. a positive side about MMORPG's is that they can create online friendships between people across the globe. Thousands of people across the globe play MMORPG's where people can build trust in each other and obtain a certain goal. These games are not just good to make friends but some of the more action one improve your visual concepts. Studies at the University of Rochester New York suggest that action video games can help people visualize objects faster and better than people who do not play action packed video games. This article can relate to the article that talks about the 3 games that can help your brain a little better. The main similarity between the two articles is that they both talk somewhat on how video games can improve your visual concepts. This article supports my topic because it shows some positive sides of video games.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Annotated Bibliography 5

Matt Bean, the author from Men's Health, explains how surgeons, neuroscientists, and NASCAR racer use video games to boost their brains. Studies suggest that habitual players of the first person shooter game Gears of War have better visual skills and make decisions 85% faster. Daphne Bavelier suggests that you could read a newspaper, recognize a scene, or even pick facial features faster in a picture. An Iowa State study showed that when surgeons played the game Super Monkey Ball, which is when you have to roll a ball through a series of platforms, they made 37% fewer errors and were 27% faster. Another study from the University of Wisconsin suggests that playing Guitar Hero 2 can enhance your motor skills and timing and coordination. It also helps people rapidly process visual information because of the speed that the bars move at. This article can relate to the article about how action packed games can enhance your visual skills. Both of these articles are related in that they both talk about how game can improve peoples minds and visual skills. This article supports my topic because it talks about how games can boost your brain, which is a positive about video games.

Annotated Bibliography 4

The authors at the Associated Press suggest that gamers who play more action packed games like Grand Theft Auto 3 and Counter-Strike may have more sharpened minds. Researchers at the University of Rochester found that young adults who play those type of games showed a lot better visual skills than those who did not. When an experiment was done to prove this theory, the results showed that the people who play action packed video games could find the blinking light, colored letter, and could count the number of simultaneous objects better than those people who do not play video games. These findings suggest that video games could help treat visualy impaired people or even train people for combat. This article can compare to the article about how video games can be used for exercise. They are similar in that they both talk about how video games can benifit people physically, whether it be exercise or improved eyesight. This article supports my topic because it talks about how video games help people and make there visual skills better.

Annotated Bibliography 3

The Authors at the Oakland Tribune describe to video gamers and people concerned with fitness how video games are not all about sitting on the couch. Daniel Jaramillo takes 4th graders in his P.E. class and they play a game known as dance dance revolution (DDR). This game takes some effort to play as a person must move their feet across the floor pad on fast speeds to complete the game. Obese kids, which is totalling around 9 million in the U.S., may play more video games than kids who are not obese, but DDR is a great way to help those obese kids become fit again. (along with other exercises). Schools across the nation are noticing the power of these games to help kids get their exercise, and all of West Virginia has DDR in there schools. DDR is not the only source of exercise in gaming though, the new console known as Wii also contributes to the exercise category of video games as the player must move around to move their character. People would not be surprised if they will see Wii systems in P.E. class soon because of the exercise people can get from it. Mickey DeLorenzo went through his own Wii Sports experiment where for six weeks he played Wii Sports for 30 minutes a day without changing his diet or anything and he lost 9 lbs. This article can compare to the article about how people of all ages can play the Wii. Both of the articles talk about the same system and there great uses for people. The difference between the two is that this one talks about how it is great for exercise and the other one talks about how it is great fun for people of all ages. This article supports my topic because it talks about some of the positives about gaming.

Annotated Bibliography 2

The authors at the Ziff Davis Media Inc. describe how the new wii system is great for not just gamers, but people of all ages rather. Ruth Evert at a retirement home in Virginia claims that video games were not her thing, but when she got the new wii remote in her hand she could not just stop playing the game. Ebert is 82 and she had played tennis on the Wii. The last time that she played tennis was for her high school team and she had said that she enjoyed the Wii more because it didn't rub it in your face if you lost. The people at the Virginia Retirement Community can not get their hands off of the new system that allows the player to use motions to make the game play, and they end up sitting there for hours just playing and having a blast. Also, they often have bowling tournaments on the Wii where they play for hours, and they believe it is easier because you don't have to pick up a 16 lb ball to play. For most of the people at the Virginia Retirement Community it is there first time playing with video games because most of them had no interests at all in video games. The Wii is different from other consoles in that it has not just selected a small population to appeal to but rather the who world population (excluding babies) that can enjoy a system. This article is different from the article talking about gamers who play for pay because this article talks about people who use a system just for fun while the other article talks about highly skilled players that get payed. This article relates to my topic because it talks about the positives about video game systems and what good they can do for people.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Annotated Bibliography 1

Author of the article, Eric A. Taub from the New York Times company, explains to gamers all across the globe that gaming isn't all just about having fun, but people can make a living off gaming and quite possibly make quite a bit of money. Eric explains how Mr. Leto, who is known by many as the greatest Halo player in the world, was trying to qualify for a trip to the world finals in San Francisco in 2004 with a top prize of $20,000 by winning in the American Finals at Long Beach, California. Mr. Leto is not the only person who is successful in gaining money from gaming though. Mr. Wendel who specializes in PC games has earned more than $300,000 already from tournaments and Mr. Cungo has won $45,000 do far. There are many leagues for gamers to join like the Association of Gaming Professionals, the Cyberathlete Professional League, the QuakeCon Organization, and Major League Gaming. In Korea there are more than 1,000 kids making a living playing video games and 10 make more than $100,000 a year. This article can be compared to the article wii game console bowling over U.S. Retirees, because both of the articles show how people are gaining things from playing video games. Retired people at retirement homes are getting rejuvenated and are getting exercise while gamers from all over the world are becoming rich by just doing what they love to do, play video games. This article illuminates my bibliography topic because it is showing a positive side to video games and what good it can do for people. It shows how people are becoming successful in making money by just playing video games.