Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotated Bibliography 7

The authors at the Chicago Tribune suggest hat playing video games can improve a surgeons performance during surgery. Studies shown from one of the top experts on the effects of video games, Douglas Gentile, show that video games like Super Monkey ball can help surgeons complete there surgery 27% faster and make 37% less errors. Gentile believes that it would be a good idea, and wouldn't be surprised, if surgeons started training for surgery by use of video games. Gentile believes that they could create a game that has 100 different bodies where 50 of them have the most common complications and the other 50 have the most common errors. This article can be directly related to the article that talks about the three video games and how they can improve peoples actions. The reason that it can be related is because they show the same information from the game Super Monkey Ball. This work supports my topic because it shows how surgeons can benefit from video games, which is a positive of video games.

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