Monday, April 23, 2007

Annotated Bibliography 2

The authors at the Ziff Davis Media Inc. describe how the new wii system is great for not just gamers, but people of all ages rather. Ruth Evert at a retirement home in Virginia claims that video games were not her thing, but when she got the new wii remote in her hand she could not just stop playing the game. Ebert is 82 and she had played tennis on the Wii. The last time that she played tennis was for her high school team and she had said that she enjoyed the Wii more because it didn't rub it in your face if you lost. The people at the Virginia Retirement Community can not get their hands off of the new system that allows the player to use motions to make the game play, and they end up sitting there for hours just playing and having a blast. Also, they often have bowling tournaments on the Wii where they play for hours, and they believe it is easier because you don't have to pick up a 16 lb ball to play. For most of the people at the Virginia Retirement Community it is there first time playing with video games because most of them had no interests at all in video games. The Wii is different from other consoles in that it has not just selected a small population to appeal to but rather the who world population (excluding babies) that can enjoy a system. This article is different from the article talking about gamers who play for pay because this article talks about people who use a system just for fun while the other article talks about highly skilled players that get payed. This article relates to my topic because it talks about the positives about video game systems and what good they can do for people.

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