Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Annotated Bibliography 10

Authors at the Michigan Chronicle believe that violent video games trigger violent and aggressive acts in teenagers. Reports show that violent video games may cause gamers to pull off violent acts. One example of this was Devin Thompson who would play a game called Grand Theft Auto for hours where a person kills people and cops and steals cars. He had killed two police officers and an emergency dispatcher in Alabama when he claimed life is a video game, you've got to die sometime. Many reported shootings and violence in schools may also have been caused partly by video games. One example of this is from a Middle school in Wellsboro, PA, where a youth played Metal Gear Solid for hours and then came to school one day with a red headband ( just like the main character ) and tried to takeover the school. Reports also say the new game Bully has startling similarities between it and the Columbine Rampage. This article can relate to the article that talks briefly about gears of war. Both talk about violence, but the Gears of War one talks about how it can improve your eyesight and this one talks about how it can cause agression and violence in people. This article supports my topic because it shows the negative side about games and gives arguments against people who say games can be good.

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