Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotated Bibliography 8

Authors at Doc News suggest that people who play active exercising games like DDR will lose a significant amount of weight after a couple of months. There are many stories out there that show real hand accounts of people who played DDR and had lost around 60 or so pounds. This article suggest that many people love this way of exercising because it is a video game and many people love to play video games. Also, DDR serves as a great source for obese kids to get their exercise. This article also explains how people are not just playing DDR at home, but they are now playing DDR at schools because it is such a great exercise tool. This article suggests that many schools will or already have jumped on the bandwagon of playing DDR. This article can relate to the other article that talks about exercising with DDR and the 4th graders. Both articles talk about how people exercise with video games, mostly DDR, and how DDR is starting to be used in school as an exercise source. This article supports my topic because it tells about how people have gained things by playing video games.

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