Monday, March 19, 2007

Raft 1 Tri 3

Hello Mr. Hatten, for my spring break I did not do that much. As a matter of fact, it was rare to even see me out of my room, unless I was at work. I bought a couple of video games over the break and I played those a lot. These video games are Def Jam: Icon in which you gangsta beat people and help people build a label and sell their music. Another game that I bought was Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 in which I played for 12 hours straight in one day with my brother and friend. I also read a book called Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix because I am a loser and am a little behind on the Harry Potter series. My break was kind of boring actually and a slept in a lot. I found that I liked to go to work because it gave me something to do over spring break. I also bowled over spring break in my bowling league and I ended up getting a 632 series on the first saturday with a 244 high game and a 503 series on the second saturday with a crappy 187 high game. That is about all that I did over spring break

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MICHAEL said...

AHAHAHA!!! i know you probably won't read this but i just want to tell you how funny it is that you said you gansta beat people to your teacher.