Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Day 3: Tartan Problem

State the Problem: There is a growth happening in the population of the student body, hence making the halls more crowded.

Give Evidence: Tartan sophmoro's are the 2nd largest class in school history, Freshmen are the largest. Tartan's student body population increases a little bit every year. students have trouble getting to their locker and even opening it up sometimes because there are so many people.

Examine Contributing Factors: The population of the U.S. is growing so there will be more people. there are many families with multiple kids. Sex is being more displayed in media, which may be causing more teenage pregnancies. Tartan was not built to hold as many kids as it has today.

Propose a Solution: You either stop having kids, send some kids to North High School, or you Renovate the School to make it larger.


James S said...

You need a few more contributing factors if you can think of any.

James S

MICHAEL said... was good you had stong evidence and some ok contributing factors. Your solution to have people stop having kids was a little extreme and unlikely. Basically you are not as superior as me so you should just bow down to me and offer yourself as a slave to me.

~Darksabre~ said...

For your problem it should be more directed towards Tartan. Also the last contributing factor you have has nothing to do with hown the student body is growing it just leads to other problems.

Ben Roettger

annonymous said...
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Kristin said...

I love your solutions. They are good and they made me laugh! lol!

Ryan the Witch and the Wardrobe said...

Tim, I think that there are to many kids at tartan also. I also had some of the same ideas you did on how you fix the problem.

-Ryan Lewis, Hour 3